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PICTURES OF YESTERYEAR – PPL PHOTO AGENCY LTD – COPYRIGHT RESERVEDPHOTO CREDIT: PPLTEL: +44 (0)1243 555561 Email:***Circa 1916 World war 1, Manfred von Richthofen, in the cockpit of an Albatros (only the rim of the cockpit visible). His signature appears beneath the photo. Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen (2 May 1892 ? 21 April 1918), also widely known as the Red Baron, was a German fighter pilot with the Imperial German Army Air Service (Luftstreitkräfte) during World War I. He is considered the top ace of that war, being officially credited with 80 air combat victories. Originally a cavalryman, Richthofen transferred to the Air Service in 1915, becoming one of the first members of Jasta 2 in 1916. He quickly distinguished himself as a fighter pilot, and during 1917 became leader of Jasta 11 and then the larger unit Jagdgeschwader 1 (better known as the “Flying Circus”). By 1918, he was regarded as a national hero in Germany, and was very well known by th

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